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Game Jams


Winner of VGDC Fall Game November 21th, 2021

Theme: Everything we need is already here
Time: 48 hours

We submitted the game "Left for chores"


To visit page Click Here

Game Description

Zombies are about to get that brain juice of yours! You are stuck inside and you need to survive, you got 5 minutes, everything you need is already here!

You need to complete multiple tasks before the time limit to complete the game.

Tasks are mainly forcused around physics-based puzzles.



Philippe Sylvestre: Programming/Modeling

Patrick Vasile: Programming/Modeling

Mathias Sorin: Modeling/Game Design

Vincent Davila: Game Design/ Level Design

How we built it

The project was made in Unity

The art assets were made in Blender

We made every asset but sound effects

My Role

I coded the FPS controller from scratch.

I was also in charge of the pickup up/release object mechanic. I also invest some time on scene management, objective timer awswell as balancing the game.

When the game felt smooth and we were happy with these core elements, I gave a hand to model multiple props.


Hack The Midlands 5.0 October 25th, 2020

Theme: Unlimited Power

We submitted the game "Climax" page Here

Game Description

Incarnate Cthulhu and attack the demonic entities who kidnapped Miss Cthulhu.  Beat them with your divine psychic brain waves. As you absorb the MADNESS of your enemies, you'll upgrade your divine capacities. There is nothing stopping you. You have UNLIMITED POWER. 

Your goal is to become the ULTIMATE GOD OF THE OLD ONES... but at what price?



PatrickVasile: Programming/Merging

Philippe Legris-Sylvestre: Art/Level Design

Pier-Luc Poissant: Art/Level Design

Gabriel Raymond-Roy: Programming/Build

How we built it

The project was made in Unity

The art assets were made in Blender

We made every asset but sound effects

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge for us was to find an efficient workflow. Another big challenge was to find a way to all work on the same project without using a source manager. Using Google Drive, we found a way of creating a ''Master'' build and then we all worked on our own parts separately. Let's just say that merging all of the builds together was hectic since we could not be working on the same object at the same time.


Other independant projects

I developed a couple games and participated in multiple Game Jams during my studies and my spare time. Feel free to visit my page if you want to learn more about those projects.

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