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  • Asymmetrical map

  • 4 vs 4

  • Capture the flag


Level Design & Level Art

Level Editor



ptf2 banner png.png

Gameplay Type

First Person Shoot

Capture the flag

4 vs 4


«The BLU are well established and have been exploiting the San Diego Quarry for several years. The RED  go on the attack and set up a military camp with the aim of storming and conquering this strategic point of California.»

In order to push the asymmetrical constraint  further, I designed the layout to create two different types of gameplay depending on the team.  The BLU side of the map is highly defensive and has many tools to help them protect their flag of the battlefield. The RED side has multiple ways to flank and use aggressive positioning to get their hands on the victory. 

TopDown TF2 Finalen2.png


Develop a good knowledge of Team Fortress 2 and identify technical constraints

Bring my vision from sketching phase to Hammer Editor

Balance both sides so the intentions behind the design are respected

Make sure affordance, navigation and framing brings a clear guidance to the players.

Production time


39 hours

From sketching to the final result

Team Fortress 2 Identification Programma


After a lot of testing, I found out that the RED team needed more aggressive elements to have a chance at winning this. BLU sniper's nest and cover positions were too strong.


With many iterations  of the layout, I implemented


1- A new strategic point in the map where RED players will have a good line of sight on multiples BLU spots

2- To strengthen the flank strategy, I lowered the roofs near the BLU flag so the attacking players could access this zone from a surprise angle

prblems solutions2.png

new LOS opens up many opportunities

surprise effect from the roof

© 2021 by Philippe Sylvestre


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